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Night Com
2A LED 6.6" 2 AA batteries
1 blade knife non-locking
Locking 1 blade pocket knife
2 blade pocket knife
3 blade pocket knife
4 blade pocket knife
Lock back knife with sheath
Fixed blade (Hunting) knife
Fishing / Filet knife
Knife Gift set
Swiss Army knife
Sharpening aids
Belt sheaths & pocket pouch
Multi-purpose tools
Small Pocket Tool up to 2-5/8"
Medium Tool 2-3/4" to 3-15/16"
Large Tool & sheath 4" and up
2A - Two AA batteries - 5-3/4"
3A - Two AAA batteries - 5"
SOL - One AAA battery - 3-1/4"
C Cell - 2 to 6 C cell batteries
D Cell - 2 to 6 D cell batteries
Flashlight belt sheath / holder
Display cases & boxes
Individual glass top display box
Large collection display case
Solid wood box
Denim display box
Mounting plaque
Lapel pins
Safety Award
Service Award
Safe Driver Award
Saw / Saw set / Game Cleaning
Axe / Shovel / Shears
Tire Gauge/LED lights/Keychain
Zippo Products
Zippo Engravable Lighters
Zippo Golf tools
Zippo Miscellaneous Items
Zippo Money Clip Knives
Camillus Kitchen Cutlery
StreamLight Flashlights
Stylus - 3 AAAA batteries 6.21"
StreamLight, Jr. - 2 AA - 5.6"
Stinger - Rechargeable
Stinger XT - Rechargeable
Stinger HP - Rechargeable
Stinger XT HP - Rechargeable
PolyStinger - Rechargeable
UltraStinger - Rechargeable
KeyMate - 4 button - 2.36"
Task / Twin Task- 2D, 3C, 3AA
SL Series - Nickel cadmium
ProPolymer - 2 AA, 4 AA, 3C
Scorpion - 2 Lithium - 4.9"
Syclone - 4 AA & Rechargeable
Survivor - Nickel cadmium
Vulcan / Fire Vulcan - Recharge
LiteBox - Rechargeable - 11.5"
ClipMate - 3 AAA - 3.5"
Septor - 3 AAA - 2.75"
Trident - 3 AAA - 2.75"
TopSpot - 4 AA Alkaline - 6.5"
WOW - 2 AA Alkaline - 5"
BatonLite - 3 N Alkaline - 5.5"
CuffMate - Dual L.E.D. - 3.25"
Tactical Series - gun attaching
StreamLight Accessories
Customization Services
Knife Blade Etching - Free
Laser Engraving-wood/stainless
Diamond Engrave - Stainless
Rotary Engrave-plastic handles
Epoxy Pad Print - 50 piece min.
Custom Master Set-up
Combos with Flashlight
Pocket Knife & Flashlight
Swiss Army Knife & Flashlight
Large Lockback & Flashlight
Small Multi-tool & Flashlight
Large Multi-tool & Flashlight

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Special Pricing - Reduced factory buys make these items the very best values around!!  Items are on sale for a limited time only.  No notice will be given as to end of special pricing.

Blade_Etchings Click for details Regular:$2.00 Special :$0.00
Blade Etching is electro-chemical metal etching process which uses acid and a controlled electric current through a blade etching master to mark knife blades with a design or logo. A Custom Blade Etching Master is required for logos. Process is permanent.
Custom_Master_Setup Click for details Regular:$50.00 Special :$0.00
Custom Master Set-up is a one time $50.00 custom engraving master is required to duplicate your logo. Electronic art to art@KnivesAndFlashlights.com. Master can be used for Laser, or Diamond. (No master required for straight line text)
Diamond_Engravings Click for details Regular:$3.00 Special :$2.00
Diamond Engraving is used only on metal surfaces such as stainless steel, nickel-silver and brass. The process uses a diamond-tip cutter to mark the metal surfaces, allowing the bright metal to show through.
Epoxy_Pad_Printing Click for details Regular:$1.00 Special :$0.50
Epoxy Pad Printing is the most economical way to imprint smooth plastic handled knives. $100 (G) 50 piece minimum.
GS-105 Click for details Regular:$15.00 Special :$13.00
GS-105, Zeus, Wood handles, 5" closed, 3-1/2" stainless locking knife blade, key ring hole, black ballistic belt sheath, Imported. LIMITED QUANTITIES DISCONTINUED
Laser_Engravings Click for details Regular:$50.00 Special :$2.00
Laser Engraving is used to mark into wood surfaces, metal handles, leather knife sheaths and flashlights. This process uses an intense light beam to permanently replicate your name or logo. No set-up for straight line text. Custom Logos $50.00 (G) each.
Rotary_Engravings Click for details Regular:$3.00 Special :$2.00
Rotary Engraving is used only on Swiss Army knife handles and cannot be used on metal. The process uses a .005" to .020" wide cutter rotating at 10,000 RPM and cuts with a slight slant or taper and white colorfill.
S-12163 Click for details Regular:$15.00 Special :$13.00
SPECIAL $15.00 ANY QUANTITY LIMITED QUANTITIES S-12163, Schrade Gemini Red Plastic Handles 3-1/2" closed length. 2-1/4" High carbon stainless tools. Cardboard box. . Imported.
S-12561 Click for details Regular:$14.00 Special :$11.50
CLOSE OUT $14.00 PRICE ON ANY QUANTITY Schrade Endeavor Red Plastic Handles 3" closed length. 2-1/4" High carbon stainless tools. Cardboard box. Imported.
ST-31 Click for details Regular:$55.95 Special :$25.00
CLOSE OUT$42.00 RETAIL $ 55.00 Stanley MaxEdge easy-open with patented compound leverage ratcheting system and power grip head. 9 tools. All stainless steel 4" closed tool. Black nylon sheath. Made in U.S.A.

Discontinued knives are items that are no longer available from the factory and may never be manufactured again.  Quantities are very limited.  When a factory discontinues an item, it is on its way to being a true collectable.  One can’t buy “new” 65 Mustangs.  Click on the discontinued item search.  This could be the way to build a collection of items that could result in real value increases.

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